RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Oran Mor Pipe Band (81115)Northeast31

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Mohawk Valley Frasers 3 (81828)Northeast418
2Ulster Scottish Pipe Band (81510)Mid-Atlantic366
3MacMillan Pipe Band (81833)Mid-Atlantic327
4Balmoral Highlanders (81526)Ohio Valley306
5Stuart Highland PB (81218)Northeast284
6Atlanta Pipe Band (81111)Southern267
7Saffron United PB Gr III (81825)Metro175
7Capital Region Celtic PB 3 (81821)Northeast176
9Worcester Kiltie PB (81101)Northeast116
10Bergen Irish Pipe Band (81667)Metro105
10Scotia Glenville PB III (81520)Northeast105
10Charleston Police P & D (81529)Southern104
13St Andrew's Presbyterian Coll PB (81204)Southern92
14Carnegie Mellon Univ PB (81927)Mid-Atlantic63
14Lehigh Valley Pipe Band (81524)Mid-Atlantic63
16St Thomas Episcopal PB-A (82073)Southwest51
17Catamount Pipe Band (81730)Northeast33
18Seton Hill U Pipe Band (81682)Ohio Valley21
18North Carolina State U PB-3 (81498)Southern24
20St Columcille United Gaelic PB (81503)Metro17

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Roisin Dubh Irish PB (81501)Metro527
2Jamestown Pipes & Drums IV (81492)Southern365
3City of Chattanooga PB (81677)Southern296
4Stuart Highland PB IV (81219)Northeast285
5Mohawk Valley Frasers 4 (81816)Northeast277
6Schenectady Pipe Band IV (81105)Northeast264
6NYC Fire Dept Em Society PB (81685)Metro264
6Thomas I Hall Memorial PB (81531)Mid-Atlantic265
9Cameron Washington Memorial United (81673)Mid-Atlantic195
9NYPD Em. Soc. P&D Gr 4 (81099)Metro193
9Greater Richmond P & D (81530)Mid-Atlantic196
12Graham Hghldrs of St Johnsbury Academy (81686)Northeast184
13Atlanta Pipe Band Gr 4 (81112)Southern175
13Charter Oak Pipe Band (81506)Northeast172
15Nashville Pipes & Drums IV (81922)Southern152
16Loch Norman Pipe Band (81094)Southern144
16Palmetto Pipes & Drums (81676)Southern143
18Rhode Island Highlanders (81097)Northeast124
18Inis Fada Gaelic PB-4 (81831)Metro124
18North Texas Caledonian P&D-4 (81104)Southwest122
1887th Cleveland Pipe Band IV (81803)Ohio Valley123
18Caledonian Pipes & Drums (81814)Northeast122
23Upstate United Pipes & Drums (81102)Southern114
24Crann Tara Pipe Band (81523)Northeast103
25NH School of Scottish Arts P&D (81532)Northeast94
25Phil Emerald Pipe Band (81495)Mid-Atlantic93
27Louisville Pipe Band Gr IV (81206)Ohio Valley84
28Tidewater Pipes & Drums (81810)Mid-Atlantic76
29Syracuse Scottish PB IV (81515)Northeast65
30Alabama Pipes & Drums (81487)Southern52
30Veterans Memorial Pipe Band (81088)Ohio Valley53
32Flint Scottish Pipe Band IV (81930)Ohio Valley41
32Rory O'Moore Pipes & Drums IV (81687)Metro45
32Lyon College Pipe Band (81208)Southwest42
32Tampa Bay Pipes & Drums (82058)Southwest42
36Martin Duffy Memorial PB (81674)Metro35
36Highland Light Scottish Pipe Band (81509)Northeast33
36Michigan Scottish Pipes & Drums (81539)Ohio Valley32
39North Carolina State U PB-4 (81499)Southern23
39Capital Region Celtic PB 4 (81822)Northeast23

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1MacMillan-Birtles Memorial PB (81834)Mid-Atlantic577
2Columcille School of P & D (81504)Metro415
3Thomas O'Shaughnessy Mem PB (81201)Metro365
4UMW Eagle Pipe Band (81536)Mid-Atlantic346
5Charleston Police P & D V (81920)Southern325
5Knoxville Pipes & Drums "A" (81807)Southern326
7Colum Cille Pipes & Drums (81205)Northeast305
8Ceol Gleann Pipe Band (81500)Northeast285
8Balmoral Highlanders V (81527)Ohio Valley284
10Grandfather Mtn Highlanders V (81534)Southern274
11Cincinnati Caledonian P & D V (81812)Ohio Valley264
11Worcester Kiltie PB V (81811)Northeast264
13MacDonald Pipe Band V (81490)Ohio Valley254
14Mohawk Valley Frasers 5 (81668)Northeast245
15Rocky Bay Pipes & Drums (81511)Northeast213
16Wake & Dist Pub Safety P&D (81209)Southern204
17Kentucky United P & D (81508)Ohio Valley194
18Greater Richmond P & D V (82171)Mid-Atlantic163
18NH School of Scottish Arts P&D V (81533)Northeast164
18Feadan Or Gr 5 (81669)Northeast163
18Rory O'Moore Pipes & Drums V (81688)Metro164
18Ballantyne Memorial Pipes & Drums (81103)Southwest162
23Albany Police P&D (82015)Northeast155
23Guilford & Glencoe District PB V (81082)Mid-Atlantic156
25Steel Thistle PB V (81928)Ohio Valley145
26Saffron United PB Gr V (81826)Metro135
26Loch Raven (81806)Mid-Atlantic132
26Deep River P & D (81924)Southern133
26Rockville High School PB (81835)Mid-Atlantic132
30Irish American Club Eastside P&D (81496)Ohio Valley122
30Jamestown Pipes & Drums V (81493)Southern124
32Roisin Dubh Irish PB V (81502)Metro113
32Lochaber Pipe Band (81517)Ohio Valley112
32Edw P Maloney Mem PB (81089)Northeast114
35Maine St Andrews P&D (81217)Northeast102
35Knoxville Pipes & Drums "B" (81808)Southern106
37Berkshire Highlanders PB (81107)Northeast94
37NJ State Police Pipe Band (82057)Metro92
37Galloway Gaelic P&D (81116)Northeast95
37Red Hackle Pipes & Drums (81083)Ohio Valley93
41Celtic Eagle Pipe Band (81516)Ohio Valley83
41Cold Spring Fire Company P & D (81109)Metro82
41Scotia Glenville PB V (81521)Northeast84
41Ceol Neamh Pipe Band V (81528)Mid-Atlantic83
45Washington DC Regional Police PB (81684)Mid-Atlantic52
46CuChullain Pipe Band (81815)Metro42
47Wolf River Pipes & Drums (81804)Southern31
47New Castle Highlanders (81086)Mid-Atlantic33
47Louisville Pipe Band Gr V (81207)Ohio Valley31
47Atlanta Pipe Band Gr 5 (81113)Southern33
51Trinity Episcopal Pipes & Drums (81683)Northeast21
51City of Winchester P & D (81968)Mid-Atlantic21
51Clan Ross Pipe Band (81108)Northeast21
51Chesapeake Caledonian P & D (81221)Mid-Atlantic23
51Ozark Highlanders (81805)Southwest21
56City of Tulsa Pipes & Drums (81100)Southwest11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Kenneth J. McKeveny (80348)Southern12417
2Derek R. Midgley (80652)Metro11614
3Alasdair Gillies (80111)Ohio Valley10913
4Duncan Bell (80701)Mid-Atlantic10226
5Robert Minnear (81236)Southern8725
6Matt Pantaleoni (80315)Southwest8210
7E. Benjamin McClamrock (80324F)Mid-Atlantic7611
8William S. Caudill (80656)Southern6811
8Eric Ouellette (80955)Northeast688
10James M. Bell (80065)Southwest679
10Dan Lyden (80671)Mid-Atlantic6719
12Robbie Beaton (80307)Northeast659
13Justin M. Gonzalez (80535)Southern6214
14Scot D. Walker (80083F)Mid-Atlantic5312
15John L Bottomley (80301)Mid-Atlantic4511
15Donald McBride (81971)Unaffiliated455
17Doug MacRae (81302)Unaffiliated368
18Andrew Douglas (80341F)Northeast334
19Adam Holdaway (80346)Northeast319
20Lyric Todkill (81849)Ohio Valley287
21Jerry Finegan (81038F)Southern2414
22Stephen MacNeill (81729)Northeast214
23Ebert (EJ) Jones (80583)Southern185
23Andrew R. Walker (80082F)Mid-Atlantic183
25Brian C. Meagher (81450)Metro167
26Matthew N. Phelps (81132)Northeast149
27Jim Dillahey (80101)Southern103
27Iain M. MacHarg (80182)Northeast104
29Patrick W. Regan (80119F)Ohio Valley97
30Nathan Zeigler (82123)Ohio Valley41
31Patrick J. Martens (80090)Metro22

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Alasdair Gillies (80111)Ohio Valley544
1Kenneth J. McKeveny (80348)Southern545
3Robert Minnear (81236)Southern528
3Duncan Bell (80701)Mid-Atlantic527
5Derek R. Midgley (80652)Metro424
6Matt Pantaleoni (80315)Southwest403
7William S. Caudill (80656)Southern323
8James M. Bell (80065)Southwest303
8John L Bottomley (80301)Mid-Atlantic303
10E. Benjamin McClamrock (80324F)Mid-Atlantic224
11Donald McBride (81971)Unaffiliated161
12Scot D. Walker (80083F)Mid-Atlantic143
12Eric Ouellette (80955)Northeast142
12Lyric Todkill (81849)Ohio Valley142
15Justin M. Gonzalez (80535)Southern123
16Andrew Douglas (80341F)Northeast101
16Jerry Finegan (81038F)Southern104
18Brian C. Meagher (81450)Metro82
19Stephen MacNeill (81729)Northeast61
19Jim Dillahey (80101)Southern61
19Patrick W. Regan (80119F)Ohio Valley65
19Robbie Beaton (80307)Northeast62
23Dan Lyden (80671)Mid-Atlantic45
23Doug MacRae (81302)Unaffiliated42

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Robert Durning (81382)Metro36723
2Andrew Tice (81853)Mid-Atlantic21315
3John M. Bradley (81293)Metro21040
4Christopher R. Lorince (80941)Ohio Valley17022
5Ursa Beckford (80631F)Northeast16617
6Liz Cherry (80644)Ohio Valley15526
7Larson Stromdahl (80889)Mid-Atlantic14713
8R. Conrad Worley (80716)Southern13932
9Karl Fetter (80694)Southern13721
10Sean Patrick Regan (80121F)Ohio Valley8528
11Andrew D. Prioli (80739)Southern8019
12David Peters (80643)Northeast7914
13Ruffin M. Hobbs (81127)Southern7611
14David Mason (81227)Ohio Valley6810
14Mary B. Wallace (81840)Mid-Atlantic6821
16Mark A. Elliott (81064)Southern6712
17Willa Davie (81254)Northeast5312
18Andrew Bova (81256)Ohio Valley458
19Johnny Bassett (80856)Northeast397
20Chance Bell (81779)Mid-Atlantic3723
21Albert DeFusco (80737)Ohio Valley3515
21Avens E. Ridgeway (80891)Northeast356
23Dan Cole (81999)Northeast282
24Gillecriosd M. Mason (81344F)Northeast2620
24Duncan S. Moore (80529)Mid-Atlantic262
26Vincent Moore (81306)Southwest2312
26Rogers Branson (81459)Southern237
28Grace N. Washam (80768)Southern227
29Tammy Pratt (80330)Northeast2116
30Andrew Choate (81411)Northeast186
31Nathanael Harvey (81948)Southwest178
32Nick Hudson (81934)Mid-Atlantic161
33Chris McLennan (82001)Ohio Valley133
34Peter G. McArthur (82087)Southern104
35Connie DuBois (82067)Northeast93
36Kevin Wiegand (80023)Unaffiliated84
37Mike Fenton (81755)Mid-Atlantic63
38David B. Crampton (81906)Southern27
38Elliot Smith (80917)Northeast24
38Joss Fisher (81632)Unaffiliated21

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Robert Durning (81382)Metro1588
2Liz Cherry (80644)Ohio Valley1048
3Larson Stromdahl (80889)Mid-Atlantic865
3John M. Bradley (81293)Metro8613
5Christopher R. Lorince (80941)Ohio Valley707
6Andrew Tice (81853)Mid-Atlantic646
7R. Conrad Worley (80716)Southern6011
8Ursa Beckford (80631F)Northeast566
9David Peters (80643)Northeast505
10Karl Fetter (80694)Southern486
11Mary B. Wallace (81840)Mid-Atlantic387
12Mark A. Elliott (81064)Southern365
13Andrew D. Prioli (80739)Southern346
14Sean Patrick Regan (80121F)Ohio Valley308
14David Mason (81227)Ohio Valley303
16Duncan S. Moore (80529)Mid-Atlantic261
16Willa Davie (81254)Northeast264
18Albert DeFusco (80737)Ohio Valley245
19Johnny Bassett (80856)Northeast202
20Rogers Branson (81459)Southern162
21Nathanael Harvey (81948)Southwest82
21Ruffin M. Hobbs (81127)Southern83
21Avens E. Ridgeway (80891)Northeast82
21Chance Bell (81779)Mid-Atlantic88
21Tammy Pratt (80330)Northeast85
26Chris McLennan (82001)Ohio Valley61
26Gillecriosd M. Mason (81344F)Northeast65
26Vincent Moore (81306)Southwest63
29Connie DuBois (82067)Northeast41
29Andrew Bova (81256)Ohio Valley43

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Daniel Pisowloski (80733)Northeast41440
2Eugene Armistead (80984)Southern28243
3Michael McCool (80729)Northeast23027
4Joshua Dye (80649)Mid-Atlantic19330
5Joshua Collins (81691)Southern18934
6Ben Montross (80724)Northeast18620
7Thompson McConnell (80849F)Mid-Atlantic17627
8J. Nathan Wahlgren (80109)Northeast16722
9JR Strauss (81002)Northeast12316
10Graham Thompson (80708)Northeast12113
11Jonathan Chambers (80713)Northeast11920
12John-Patrick Hanna (81933)Mid-Atlantic11315
13David Noren (81158)Southern11118
14Charly Slagle III (80712F)Metro9823
15Stephen C. Linsky (81461)Mid-Atlantic798
16Jack MacLean (80633)Northeast7816
17Stuart Davidson (81568)Southern779
18Norman Gillies (80112)Ohio Valley7414
19Alan Armstrong (80818)Southern7211
20Nels Yehnert (81161)Ohio Valley6811
21Ryan Praskovich (81596)Ohio Valley6715
22David Goodman (80864)Southwest6414
23James R. Roberts (82061)Mid-Atlantic6215
24Steven Fisher (81758)Southern619
25Parry MacDonald (81353)Ohio Valley589
26Geordie Hall (80753)Mid-Atlantic558
27Nick Church-Reed (80627)Northeast5410
28Kenton Adler (80005)Southwest5246
29Jacquelyn Lewis (81374)Northeast519
30Eric L. Goodchild (80924)Northeast5017
31Robert W. Brazius, Jr. (80653)Metro4413
32David Stanley (81961)Southern4319
33Terry Costello (80812)Northeast416
34Benjamin Pollard (80609)Southern358
35Daniel B. Pentecost (81651F)Southern297
35Doug Slauson (80693)Southwest2916
37Pierre John Watson (80483)Southern273
37Patrick Finn (80657)Northeast279
39Alex Ross (80721)Northeast2223
40Samuel Cytulski (82209)Southern201
40David P. Quillin (81800)Southern202
42Ryan Mills (82018)Southern154
43Sean Buchta (81323)Metro142
44John A. Duff (82133)Southern123
45Steven Giles (80703)Southern105
45Duane Mills (82017)Southern1012
47Hamish F.H. Blackman (81172)Northeast815
47Levon Ofgang (81285)Metro83
49Sandy Scherer (80811)Northeast75
50Nathan Dungan (81787)Southern63
50Eric E. Albert (81743)Northeast64
52Richmond Johnston (80839)Northeast55

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Daniel Pisowloski (80733)Northeast15813
2Eugene Armistead (80984)Southern15015
3Michael McCool (80729)Northeast1088
4Thompson McConnell (80849F)Mid-Atlantic989
5J. Nathan Wahlgren (80109)Northeast848
5Joshua Collins (81691)Southern8412
7Alan Armstrong (80818)Southern728
7Ben Montross (80724)Northeast726
9Graham Thompson (80708)Northeast605
9Joshua Dye (80649)Mid-Atlantic6010
11Jonathan Chambers (80713)Northeast586
12Charly Slagle III (80712F)Metro568
13David Noren (81158)Southern407
14Stuart Davidson (81568)Southern364
15Parry MacDonald (81353)Ohio Valley323
15David Goodman (80864)Southwest325
15Robert W. Brazius, Jr. (80653)Metro325
15John-Patrick Hanna (81933)Mid-Atlantic324
15Eric L. Goodchild (80924)Northeast325
20James R. Roberts (82061)Mid-Atlantic305
20Jack MacLean (80633)Northeast305
20Ryan Praskovich (81596)Ohio Valley304
23Stephen C. Linsky (81461)Mid-Atlantic283
24Nels Yehnert (81161)Ohio Valley264
25Kenton Adler (80005)Southwest2410
26Alex Ross (80721)Northeast227
27Samuel Cytulski (82209)Southern201
27Jacquelyn Lewis (81374)Northeast203
27David Stanley (81961)Southern206
30Patrick Finn (80657)Northeast183
30Pierre John Watson (80483)Southern181
32Nick Church-Reed (80627)Northeast163
33Geordie Hall (80753)Mid-Atlantic143
33David P. Quillin (81800)Southern141
33Doug Slauson (80693)Southwest144
33Terry Costello (80812)Northeast142
37John A. Duff (82133)Southern122
38Norman Gillies (80112)Ohio Valley103
39Benjamin Pollard (80609)Southern82
39Hamish F.H. Blackman (81172)Northeast85
39Duane Mills (82017)Southern85
42Steven Giles (80703)Southern41
43Eric E. Albert (81743)Northeast21

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Alex Titus (80757)Metro33729
2Jim Basil (80722)Metro32126
3Daniel Papa (80719)Metro30037
4Michael Molloy (80388)Metro27432
5Nathan Gill (81150)Northeast27221
6Raquel MacFarlane (81638F)Northeast24736
7Richard Monroe (80481)Southern24526
8Thomas Lockwood (80635)Northeast23319
9Nathanael Green (81152)Mid-Atlantic22623
10Josh Hinson (80461)Southern21123
11Jacob Lindler (80913)Southern20419
12Tom Crawford (80056)Southern19429
13Michael Miller, Jr (80613)Northeast19221
14Kirk Brunson (80720)Northeast17620
14Scott Conner (80605)Ohio Valley17617
16Peter D. Beckford (80629F)Northeast17516
17Nicholas Lundberg (81063)Northeast17415
18William Wilkerson (80361)Mid-Atlantic16151
19Sheldon Hamblin (80337)Northeast16023
20Harvey McLendon (80592)Southern15323
21Andrew McGowan (80715)Mid-Atlantic15223
22Victoria O'Connor (80547)Northeast14819
23Jansyn Thaw (80665)Northeast14712
23Thomas Cook (82115)Metro14716
25Brian Pokrifka (80611)Ohio Valley14628
26Joel Trella (80401)Mid-Atlantic14016
27Beth Bandy (80142)Mid-Atlantic13925
28Pascal MacLellan Reber (80129)Southern13621
29Ryan Praskovich (81596)Ohio Valley13010
30Ian Mackenzie (81174)Southern12812
31Ryan Fabrycki (81164F)Northeast12613
32Christian Wallen (81446)Southern12312
33R. Scott Carr (81056)Mid-Atlantic11611
34Jesse MacWilliam (80840)Northeast11322
34Michael White (80154)Southern11318
36Robert Podgurski (81394)Southern10423
37JD Ingraham (80641F)Southern9516
37Paul Burgess (81662)Mid-Atlantic9518
39Sean Humphries (80391)Northeast9321
40Reid Bishop (80359)Southwest8917
40John Pastrone (80738)Northeast8917
40Donald A. Cain II (80409)Southern8913
43Benjamin Abrahamson (80706)Northeast8716
44Kyle Tracy Wilson (80135)Southern8621
45Paul Cora (81690)Mid-Atlantic8013
46Emily Stubenbort (80650)Ohio Valley7913
47Christopher Donaldson (81430)Southern7817
48Andrea Jones (80928)Southern7611
49Richard D'Arata, Jr (81143)Unaffiliated736
50Andrew Kerr (80824)Southern728
51Mary C. Taylor (80615)Northeast6718
52Todd Marino (81233)Mid-Atlantic6423
52Martha L. Campbell (80542)Northeast6417
52Gregory L. Finch (81452)Northeast649
55David Daniel (81153)Southwest6217
55Michael Auerbach (82014)Northeast625
57John-Patrick Hanna (81933)Mid-Atlantic606
58Seth Wells (82142)Southern576
59David Murry (80616)Northeast5615
60Andrew Coulter (81030)Southwest546
61Michelle McBride (80914)Metro5221
61Andrew Warburton (80698)Southern5211
63Jesse Bills (81756)Southwest498
64Betsy Bethel-McFarland (81839)Ohio Valley4710
64John J. McGrath (81893)Metro4711
66Anne Marie de Zeeuw (80394)Ohio Valley4410
67Liam Lancaster (80267)Southern4313
67Shawn Fagan (80621F)Northeast4323
69Timothy Tokazewski (80727)Mid-Atlantic4211
69Matthew Beall (81342)Southern4230
71Brian Farrell (80821)Mid-Atlantic419
72Wesley Hall (80614)Northeast405
73Debra Baldwin (80648)Northeast398
74Chandler Merrell (80730)Southern373
74Ethan Mattor (80617)Northeast3715
76Michaela (Kayla) Harper (80597)Mid-Atlantic366
77Lori T. Waters (80588)Southwest3518
78Daniel P. Sprague (81398)Metro346
78Amy McGlothlin (80639)Northeast3414
78Elaina Moorehead (80749F)Ohio Valley349
81Debbie Kane (81587)Northeast3310
82Robert Boyd (80378)Southern326
82Peter Campbell (81390F)Northeast323
84Timothy J. Wiley (81321)Ohio Valley317
84Kate Lindsay (80610)Southwest3110
86Graeme Dodworth (80758)Mid-Atlantic3016
87Colleen Steblein (80638F)Southwest296
88Michael Soressi (82092)Northeast2812
88Kevin Carmichael (82174)Northeast282
90Karen F. Helm (80993)Mid-Atlantic266
91Campbell Webster (80666F)Northeast248
92Jeff Quartley (81708)Northeast236
92Simon Beckford (80630F)Northeast234
94David Stewart-Smith (80499)Northeast2221
94David Keenan (80879)Northeast2211
96Matt Weasner (81352)Northeast2010
96Alfred Barrow (80796)Southwest2014
96Brian T. Quirk (80336)Northeast2012
99Evan Kenepp (82164)Ohio Valley183
99Steven George Brownlee (80745F)Southwest1810
99Larry W. Frederiksen (80393)Ohio Valley1810
102Valorie Vaughn (81170)Mid-Atlantic178
102Tracey Corte (81359)Ohio Valley178
104Joseph Smolinski (80672)Metro163
104James Hicks (80431)Metro163
106Mary McCune (80874)Ohio Valley122
106Andrew Wilkinson (80673)Northeast122
108Stephen Brady (81234)Mid-Atlantic115
109Jon Brouillet (81705)Southwest104
109Jay Wadsworth (81275)Mid-Atlantic109
109Kelly Ann Shipe (80246)Southern1011
112Chris Lewis (80645F)Mid-Atlantic95
112Sean Lunney (80268)Metro91
114Michael Listi (82029)Southwest83
114Robert B. Wylie (80221)Southwest84
114Rafe Aalderink (80501)Southwest84
117Robert Lyman (80994)Mid-Atlantic76
117Brad Madison (82131)Southwest74
117Kenneth V. Jackman (80423)Northeast712
117Jayne White (80582)Unaffiliated72
117Colin Nisbet (80958)Metro73
122Barbara Wentz (80674F)Northeast63
122Timothy J. Turner (80427F)Southern66
122Joseph Risola (81569)Metro64
122Kay Irwin (80468)Southern621
126Mark Hurm (82083)Mid-Atlantic42
126David J. Jones (80532)Northeast42
128Mark Wayman (81613)Southern316
129Michael A. McLean Jr (80859)Mid-Atlantic26

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Michael Molloy (80388)Metro17410
2Jim Basil (80722)Metro1288
3Raquel MacFarlane (81638F)Northeast12611
4Nathanael Green (81152)Mid-Atlantic1247
5Thomas Lockwood (80635)Northeast1206
6Richard Monroe (80481)Southern1188
6Daniel Papa (80719)Metro11812
8Tom Crawford (80056)Southern1129
8Alex Titus (80757)Metro1129
10Josh Hinson (80461)Southern1067
11Nathan Gill (81150)Northeast1047
11William Wilkerson (80361)Mid-Atlantic10416
13Peter D. Beckford (80629F)Northeast985
14Beth Bandy (80142)Mid-Atlantic968
15Jacob Lindler (80913)Southern906
16Jansyn Thaw (80665)Northeast884
17Sheldon Hamblin (80337)Northeast827
18Robert Podgurski (81394)Southern807
19Michael Miller, Jr (80613)Northeast767
20Pascal MacLellan Reber (80129)Southern747
20R. Scott Carr (81056)Mid-Atlantic743
20Victoria O'Connor (80547)Northeast746
23Brian Pokrifka (80611)Ohio Valley708
24Joel Trella (80401)Mid-Atlantic665
24Scott Conner (80605)Ohio Valley665
26Kyle Tracy Wilson (80135)Southern627
27Ryan Praskovich (81596)Ohio Valley603
28Ian Mackenzie (81174)Southern584
28Paul Cora (81690)Mid-Atlantic584
28Kirk Brunson (80720)Northeast586
31Harvey McLendon (80592)Southern567
31Christian Wallen (81446)Southern564
31David Murry (80616)Northeast565
34Nicholas Lundberg (81063)Northeast503
35Donald A. Cain II (80409)Southern464
35Gregory L. Finch (81452)Northeast463
35Richard D'Arata, Jr (81143)Unaffiliated462
35Thomas Cook (82115)Metro465
39Sean Humphries (80391)Northeast447
39Andrea Jones (80928)Southern443
41Timothy Tokazewski (80727)Mid-Atlantic423
42Reid Bishop (80359)Southwest404
43Andrew Warburton (80698)Southern384
43Paul Burgess (81662)Mid-Atlantic384
45Christopher Donaldson (81430)Southern365
45Ryan Fabrycki (81164F)Northeast364
45Emily Stubenbort (80650)Ohio Valley364
48Debra Baldwin (80648)Northeast344
49Seth Wells (82142)Southern322
49Michael White (80154)Southern326
49JD Ingraham (80641F)Southern325
49Shawn Fagan (80621F)Northeast327
53Mary C. Taylor (80615)Northeast306
54Robert Boyd (80378)Southern282
55Timothy J. Wiley (81321)Ohio Valley262
56John Pastrone (80738)Northeast245
56Michelle McBride (80914)Metro247
56David Daniel (81153)Southwest245
56Andrew McGowan (80715)Mid-Atlantic247
60Michael Soressi (82092)Northeast224
60Amy McGlothlin (80639)Northeast224
60David Keenan (80879)Northeast224
60John-Patrick Hanna (81933)Mid-Atlantic222
64Brian T. Quirk (80336)Northeast204
64Ethan Mattor (80617)Northeast204
64Debbie Kane (81587)Northeast204
64Jesse Bills (81756)Southwest202
64Andrew Coulter (81030)Southwest202
64Anne Marie de Zeeuw (80394)Ohio Valley203
64Betsy Bethel-McFarland (81839)Ohio Valley203
71Daniel P. Sprague (81398)Metro182
71Jeff Quartley (81708)Northeast182
71Martha L. Campbell (80542)Northeast185
71Larry W. Frederiksen (80393)Ohio Valley183
75Chandler Merrell (80730)Southern161
75Lori T. Waters (80588)Southwest164
75Michaela (Kayla) Harper (80597)Mid-Atlantic162
75Simon Beckford (80630F)Northeast161
79Peter Campbell (81390F)Northeast141
79Graeme Dodworth (80758)Mid-Atlantic145
79Karen F. Helm (80993)Mid-Atlantic142
79Todd Marino (81233)Mid-Atlantic147
83Colleen Steblein (80638F)Southwest122
83Mary McCune (80874)Ohio Valley121
83James Hicks (80431)Metro121
83Tracey Corte (81359)Ohio Valley123
83Elaina Moorehead (80749F)Ohio Valley122
83Valorie Vaughn (81170)Mid-Atlantic123
89Robert B. Wylie (80221)Southwest81
89David Stewart-Smith (80499)Northeast86
89Jesse MacWilliam (80840)Northeast87
89Matthew Beall (81342)Southern86
93Barbara Wentz (80674F)Northeast61
93Alfred Barrow (80796)Southwest63
93Kate Lindsay (80610)Southwest62
96Rafe Aalderink (80501)Southwest41
96Campbell Webster (80666F)Northeast41
96Kelly Ann Shipe (80246)Southern45
99Steven George Brownlee (80745F)Southwest23

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Robert W. O'Connor (81131)Mid-Atlantic27227
2John Daggett, Jr (80353)Northeast26025
3Timothy Stakem (80731)Mid-Atlantic22222
4Jack Barry (81545)Southern21728
4David Madock (81751)Mid-Atlantic21721
6Chris Benton (80880)Mid-Atlantic20927
7Lawrence Selden (80996)Southwest20135
8Michael J. Capone (80492)Northeast19321
9Adriel Yaryan (80752)Southern17420
10Elizabeth C. Morgan (80524)Southern16119
11David McCrabb (80998)Mid-Atlantic12618
12Kathryn Scheil (81718)Metro12514
13William Hendry (80181)Metro12015
14John V. Rose, Sr (80692)Southern11517
15John W. Daly (80725)Northeast11117
16Michael Meyers (80632)Mid-Atlantic11015
17Matthew Cornetto (80518)Metro10815
18James Lee (81942)Metro10714
19David McMath (81657)Northeast10617
20Stuart Erwin (80489)Mid-Atlantic9614
21Alfred Barrow (80796)Southwest9412
22William Kahler (80827)Northeast9020
23Danny Vaughn (81386)Southwest8915
24William Bochanowicz (81974)Metro8819
24Andrew J Douglas (81558)Ohio Valley888
26Mack Davis (80030)Southwest8415
27Peter Lockwood (80634)Northeast8223
28Jeffrey Stevenson (81692)Southern8114
28Daniel Cheuvront (81863)Northeast818
28Wesley Lawton (80367)Southern8112
28Thomas Wright (80622)Northeast8116
32Lyle Adams (81021)Southwest7712
33David Corbett (81031)Southwest7519
34Mary Tierney (81706)Northeast7416
35Frank Toscanini (80545)Northeast7213
35Peter Parkes (81133)Northeast7218
37Tabitha Heavner (80604)Northeast7020
38Taylor Zimmerman (80769)Southern698
38Elise Pastor (81190)Metro698
38George Low (80949)Southwest6929
41Scott Solomons (80772)Metro6814
42James Gleason (80345)Northeast6711
42Mark Morton (81454)Unaffiliated6714
42C. Darrell Thompson (81612)Southern6712
45Adam Valenti (80164)Ohio Valley627
45Frank Igoe (80355)Northeast6213
47Robert Strother (80901)Ohio Valley607
48Nancy Love (81617)Southwest5825
48Josh Whitson (81393)Ohio Valley584
50Peter Gordon (81766)Northeast579
50David Rock (81179)Northeast5711
52Marguerite Grosser (81229)Ohio Valley548
53Mark Knox (80163)Ohio Valley535
53Rick Ridinger (80310)Ohio Valley5310
53Karen May (80860)Ohio Valley537
56Jiyeon Woo (81458)Southern528
57Jim Golden (81260)Southern518
58Bob Wallace (81984)Metro508
58Michael Wetherell (81378)Metro507
58Jerald Yaden (81439F)Southern5010
58Jay Jenkins (81291)Southern506
62Steven Turkington (80940)Northeast4911
63Joseph Mone (81449)Northeast487
63Monica McClamrock (80326F)Mid-Atlantic4811
63Steve Coyne (81631)Ohio Valley488
66Nancy Brown (80537)Metro478
66Peter Armstrong (80486)Southern477
68William Rowlette (82066)Mid-Atlantic4610
69John Kinsman (81870)Southern457
70Glenn Bean (81768)Northeast4411
70Judith Reilly (81759)Northeast4415
70Patrick Wiers (81591)Southern448
73Peter Thompson (80228)Northeast4313
74Paige Turner (80426F)Southern427
74Jeff Forrester (80396)Southern429
74Otis Munroe (80841)Northeast428
77Aryeh Ballaban (82002)Southern414
77James Rosato (81358)Northeast4115
79Peter Fabrycki (81163F)Northeast406
79Toran Manning (81034)Northeast403
79Kate Cushing (81780)Northeast406
82Bruce Mitchell (81605)Southwest3915
82Mark Baban (81932)Mid-Atlantic397
84Mark Welborn (81462)Ohio Valley384
84Terry Ranney (81341)Northeast386
84Geoff Mavis (80670)Ohio Valley386
84William LePage (81242)Metro383
88Rick Young (81319)Southern376
88Douglas E. Moffat (81609)Northeast377
88George Stewart (81614)Mid-Atlantic375
91Janis Vancans (80896)Northeast3621
92Jasper Wright (82044)Northeast356
92James Diener (80843)Mid-Atlantic357
94Carl Henson (80476)Ohio Valley349
94Brian J. Erbe (82147)Southern347
94Jonathan Shegog (80035)Ohio Valley345
97Jason Matteson (81953)Northeast325
97Gordon R. Fraser (80279)Metro3213
97Shayla Mootz (80162)Southwest326
97Jan-Erik Steel (81798)Northeast328
101Heather Di Vincenzo (81058)Southern317
101Morgan Hough (81904)Northeast318
103Jonathan MacDonald (81196)Northeast305
103Alexander Blesch (81996)Mid-Atlantic304
103Gerald Bailey (81555F)Southern3017
106Richard Teno (80436)Northeast292
106Charles Zettek Jr. (80421)Northeast294
106Ted Allan (81575)Southern2913
109Michael McCann (82197)Mid-Atlantic283
109Terry Brenzo (81857F)Mid-Atlantic286
111Vincent Ayub (81318)Southern279
112Douglas Kirkwood (81949)Northeast263
112Russell Justice (80286)Southern266
112Derryl Dickerson (80049)Southwest263
112William Henderson, IV (81754)Southwest266
116William McCollum (81286)Unaffiliated257
116Dave Hershiser (81074)Mid-Atlantic257
118Bob Rogers (82148)Southern242
118David Hunley (81178)Mid-Atlantic246
118Bruce Shaw (81355)Northeast244
118Seth Barrow (81990)Southwest245
122Heather Dempsey (81774)Metro233
122John L. Quinn (80462)Southern234
124Curtis W. Penney, M.D. (82196)Northeast223
124Doug Paul (81128)Southern222
126Michael Masiar (82011)Metro212
126Timothy Hannan (81194)Ohio Valley212
126Steve Makos (81649)Northeast215
126Bradley Kirkpatrick (80032)Southwest214
130Kevin Palm (80479)Ohio Valley203
131Dewayne McOsker, Jr (81253)Mid-Atlantic1911
132James Duke (80782)Metro185
132Robbie Robertson (81887)Northeast183
132Curtis Burns (81427)Southwest184
135Thomas Dumm (80809)Ohio Valley177
135Edwin S. Robinson (81049)Southern174
135Matthew McWilliams (81858)Southwest1710
135Marleen Bailie (80415F)Southern179
135Natalie Takenaka (81189)Southern173
140Mark Adamson (82059)Southern165
140David Ross (81582)Mid-Atlantic168
140Matthew Byrne (81634)Metro167
140Jessica Langham (80700)Southern162
144Barbara Willard (81184)Ohio Valley158
144Douglas Stevenson (80283)Southwest158
146Eric Drake (80429)Southern142
146Jim Pilcher (82052)Metro141
146John MacPherson (82199)Metro142
146Glen Adams (81246)Southern144
146Stanley P. Masinter (81055)Southwest147
151Graham Scott (80572)Southern137
151William Plail (81259)Mid-Atlantic1313
151Debra Fern (81757)Southern132
154Matthew Poletti (81896)Northeast124
154William Pence (80143)Southwest126
154Don Neil (81621)Ohio Valley129
154Dirk Spit (80292)Mid-Atlantic122
158Ken Giordano (81962)Northeast111
158Alisha Toepperwein (81247)Southwest114
158Glenn Braddock (81737)Northeast114
158Billy McCallam (82149)Northeast112
158David R. Thomas (80573)Southern112
163Jim McKnight (80051)Southern101
163Chris Klecka (81666)Southwest105
163Jesse Collins (81796)Metro101
163Mary Beth Nicholson (81792)Ohio Valley101
163Theodore Brode (81245)Southwest102
163Jordon White (82076)Unaffiliated101
163Randall McLennan (81377)Mid-Atlantic109
163Lindsay Pierzga (81797)Mid-Atlantic103
163David R. Thornburg (81300)Southern102
163Ian Gauthier (81876)Northeast104
173Theresa G. Gordon (81310)Southern94
173Heather Walker (81914)Southern93
173Kevin Hendryx (80992)Southwest96
173Michael K.H. Mui (81542)Mid-Atlantic94
173David G. Wilson (80160)Northeast97
173George Markiewicz (82105)Northeast92
173Garrett McKenzie (81020)Mid-Atlantic913
180Thomas Burke (81073)Mid-Atlantic82
180Joseph Martin (81282)Southern84
180David Noud (82101)Southern82
180Scott Arvin (82166)Other84
180David F. Laughlin (81328)Mid-Atlantic83
180Duncan Fraser (80930)Southern83
180Sarah Halnon (82120)Unaffiliated82
180Allan J. Ferguson (80515)Northeast84
188Jane Gilbert (82114)Northeast76
188Greg R. Nicolosi (80243)Southern73
188Daniel Ashley (81381)Mid-Atlantic74
188Chris Scougall (80075)Northeast73
188John Douglas (81907)Southern71
188Joshua Brody (81866)Mid-Atlantic72
188John Webster (80464)Northeast73
195Stuart Greer (80258)Metro61
195Eric L. Reese (80791)Southern65
195Richard Downard (80912)Ohio Valley64
195Patricia Kellis (81778)Northeast64
195Timothy Ross (80026)Southwest62
195Tom Elliott (82049)Southern69
195James Wallace (81045)Northeast62
202Peter Duhig (81320)Ohio Valley52
202Seamus Russell (81909)Southern510
202Martin McKeon (80858)Mid-Atlantic55
202Richard Willging (80080)Northeast51
202Chris Benoit (81479)Southern510
202Rosemary John (80589)Southwest54
208Daniel Chisolm (80416)Southwest44
208Joshua Adams (82137)Mid-Atlantic41
208Anna Ciglar (81543)Northeast414
208Gordon M. Fraser (81738)Mid-Atlantic42
208William Jamieson (82162)Northeast42
208Douglas Johnson (81728)Ohio Valley47
214William Brian (80052)Southern32
215Sara Bowes (80773)Southwest21
216Garth Scannell (80873)Northeast12

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Robert W. O'Connor (81131)Mid-Atlantic13312
2John Daggett, Jr (80353)Northeast10310
3Chris Benton (80880)Mid-Atlantic10210
3Michael J. Capone (80492)Northeast1029
5Jack Barry (81545)Southern10013
6David Madock (81751)Mid-Atlantic918
7Timothy Stakem (80731)Mid-Atlantic909
8Adriel Yaryan (80752)Southern879
9David McCrabb (80998)Mid-Atlantic807
10Lawrence Selden (80996)Southwest7210
11Elizabeth C. Morgan (80524)Southern618
12Robert Strother (80901)Ohio Valley607
13David McMath (81657)Northeast588
13William Hendry (80181)Metro586
15Stuart Erwin (80489)Mid-Atlantic576
16Michael Meyers (80632)Mid-Atlantic556
17James Lee (81942)Metro537
18Matthew Cornetto (80518)Metro507
19Andrew J Douglas (81558)Ohio Valley483
20Jerald Yaden (81439F)Southern475
20Thomas Wright (80622)Northeast477
22Daniel Cheuvront (81863)Northeast463
23Scott Solomons (80772)Metro457
24Peter Lockwood (80634)Northeast4410
24Frank Toscanini (80545)Northeast446
26Jeffrey Stevenson (81692)Southern396
26William Kahler (80827)Northeast399
26Kathryn Scheil (81718)Metro397
29Josh Whitson (81393)Ohio Valley362
29Adam Valenti (80164)Ohio Valley363
31Peter Parkes (81133)Northeast359
31Tabitha Heavner (80604)Northeast359
33John W. Daly (80725)Northeast347
33Mark Knox (80163)Ohio Valley342
35Jay Jenkins (81291)Southern333
36Taylor Zimmerman (80769)Southern324
36Elise Pastor (81190)Metro324
38George Low (80949)Southwest319
38William Bochanowicz (81974)Metro318
40James Gleason (80345)Northeast305
40Frank Igoe (80355)Northeast306
42Mark Morton (81454)Unaffiliated296
43Peter Armstrong (80486)Southern283
43Michael Wetherell (81378)Metro283
43Bob Wallace (81984)Metro284
46Glenn Bean (81768)Northeast274
47Alfred Barrow (80796)Southwest263
47Marguerite Grosser (81229)Ohio Valley263
49Morgan Hough (81904)Northeast253
49John Kinsman (81870)Southern253
51Rick Ridinger (80310)Ohio Valley245
51Bob Rogers (82148)Southern242
51Nancy Love (81617)Southwest248
54Mark Baban (81932)Mid-Atlantic233
54Otis Munroe (80841)Northeast233
56Judith Reilly (81759)Northeast227
56Carl Henson (80476)Ohio Valley224
56Jan-Erik Steel (81798)Northeast224
56Douglas Kirkwood (81949)Northeast222
56Aryeh Ballaban (82002)Southern222
56John V. Rose, Sr (80692)Southern227
62Gerald Bailey (81555F)Southern217
62Kate Cushing (81780)Northeast213
62Bruce Mitchell (81605)Southwest215
62Gordon R. Fraser (80279)Metro215
62Steven Turkington (80940)Northeast215
67Peter Thompson (80228)Northeast205
68Janis Vancans (80896)Northeast199
69Brian J. Erbe (82147)Southern183
69Jeff Forrester (80396)Southern183
71C. Darrell Thompson (81612)Southern174
71Patrick Wiers (81591)Southern174
73Mark Adamson (82059)Southern162
73Lyle Adams (81021)Southwest163
73Douglas E. Moffat (81609)Northeast163
73Steve Coyne (81631)Ohio Valley162
73Richard Teno (80436)Northeast161
73Dave Hershiser (81074)Mid-Atlantic163
79James Rosato (81358)Northeast156
79David Rock (81179)Northeast155
81Karen May (80860)Ohio Valley142
81Shayla Mootz (80162)Southwest142
83Jonathan MacDonald (81196)Northeast132
83William Plail (81259)Mid-Atlantic136
83Jason Matteson (81953)Northeast132
83Paige Turner (80426F)Southern132
87Jonathan Shegog (80035)Ohio Valley122
87Rick Young (81319)Southern122
87Peter Gordon (81766)Northeast124
90Glenn Braddock (81737)Northeast112
90Edwin S. Robinson (81049)Southern112
90Steve Makos (81649)Northeast112
90Monica McClamrock (80326F)Mid-Atlantic115
90John L. Quinn (80462)Southern112
90Terry Brenzo (81857F)Mid-Atlantic113
90Graham Scott (80572)Southern113
97Ian Gauthier (81876)Northeast102
97David R. Thornburg (81300)Southern101
97Jim McKnight (80051)Southern101
97Thomas Dumm (80809)Ohio Valley103
97George Stewart (81614)Mid-Atlantic102
102Robbie Robertson (81887)Northeast91
102James Duke (80782)Metro92
102Nancy Brown (80537)Metro94
102David G. Wilson (80160)Northeast93
102Michael Masiar (82011)Metro91
102Glen Adams (81246)Southern92
102Michael K.H. Mui (81542)Mid-Atlantic91
109Scott Arvin (82166)Other82
109Joseph Martin (81282)Southern82
109David Noud (82101)Southern81
109Jiyeon Woo (81458)Southern83
109William Henderson, IV (81754)Southwest82
109Sarah Halnon (82120)Unaffiliated81
109Allan J. Ferguson (80515)Northeast82
109David F. Laughlin (81328)Mid-Atlantic81
117Curtis Burns (81427)Southwest71
117Curtis W. Penney, M.D. (82196)Northeast71
117Jessica Langham (80700)Southern71
117Wesley Lawton (80367)Southern75
117John Webster (80464)Northeast73
117William Pence (80143)Southwest72
117Dirk Spit (80292)Mid-Atlantic71
117Jasper Wright (82044)Northeast73
117Joshua Brody (81866)Mid-Atlantic72
117Chris Scougall (80075)Northeast71
127Joseph Mone (81449)Northeast63
127John MacPherson (82199)Metro61
127Garrett McKenzie (81020)Mid-Atlantic65
127David Corbett (81031)Southwest64
127Tom Elliott (82049)Southern64
127Stanley P. Masinter (81055)Southwest61
127Heather Di Vincenzo (81058)Southern63
134David Ross (81582)Mid-Atlantic54
134Richard Willging (80080)Northeast51
134Martin McKeon (80858)Mid-Atlantic52
134Russell Justice (80286)Southern52
138Jim Golden (81260)Southern43
138Billy McCallam (82149)Northeast41
138William Jamieson (82162)Northeast41
138Danny Vaughn (81386)Southwest43
138George Markiewicz (82105)Northeast41
138Gordon M. Fraser (81738)Mid-Atlantic42
138Randall McLennan (81377)Mid-Atlantic44
138Theodore Brode (81245)Southwest41
138David R. Thomas (80573)Southern41
138Alisha Toepperwein (81247)Southwest42
148Natalie Takenaka (81189)Southern31
148Douglas Stevenson (80283)Southwest32
148Seamus Russell (81909)Southern33
151Chris Benoit (81479)Southern24
151Anna Ciglar (81543)Northeast26
151Mack Davis (80030)Southwest22
154Garth Scannell (80873)Northeast11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Kevin Eagan (81010)Northeast15118
2Ryan Stephenson (80137)Mid-Atlantic14016
3Robert Honor (81795F)Metro13922
4Connor Thompson (81611)Southern12514
5Colin Wilson (80687)Northeast11614
6Gabriel Nierman (80926)Southern11514
7Cameron Nixon (80043)Southern10812
8Andrew White (80212)Metro10414
9Andrew Chalfoun (80960)Mid-Atlantic9915
10Alec McGovern (81586)Northeast9815
11Rory Cullen (81295)Metro829
12James Bailey (81556F)Southern7919
13Andrew Donlon (81847)Mid-Atlantic779
14Madeleine Stewart (80148)Northeast768
15Dallas Key (80373)Southern7520
16Nicholas Petrogeorge (80404)Mid-Atlantic7311
17Jenny Rooney (81029)Metro7115
18Jeremy Atkinson (80695)Southern7011
19Tyler Tagliaferro (80511)Ohio Valley674
20Gregory Colpitts (80717)Northeast6614
21Liam Crouse (80995)Northeast658
22Mary Page Boyd (81560)Southern619
23Christopher Spitalere (81243)Northeast6015
23Gabriel Holodak (82085)Northeast608
25Dan Mancuso (81270)Northeast596
25Charles Dunn (80936F)Ohio Valley5910
27Conor Fabrycki (81162F)Northeast5710
28Joshua Whitener (80974F)Southern536
28Noah Rickolt (81655)Mid-Atlantic535
30Carlos Aguirre (80004)Mid-Atlantic526
31Eli Clemens (80285)Mid-Atlantic5113
32Matthew Peterson (80013)Ohio Valley496
32Robert Schafsteck (80024)Northeast496
32Tyrone Rock (81180)Northeast4910
35Flynn Lancaster (80266)Southern457
36Michael Wall (80564)Northeast4310
37Thomas Soergel (81941F)Ohio Valley426
38Andrew Bower (80339)Northeast416
39Evan Holman (81465F)Southwest3913
39Devin Abbott (80853)Northeast3911
41Marybeth Roberson (81869)Southern388
42David Daniel (81153)Southwest3619
42Kyle Peters (81607)Southern3611
44Taylor Owens (81403F)Mid-Atlantic3515
45Tyler Cipriani (81711)Mid-Atlantic346
46Gillian Alice Brownlee (80743F)Southwest3310
46Henry Thompson (81716)Southern338
48Sean McCarthy (80204F)Ohio Valley3211
49Gavin Mitchell (80923F)Northeast318
50Eryk Bean (81767)Northeast3011
50Christopher Monroe (80041)Northeast3010
52Gavin Stewart (81640)Southwest2920
52Cameron Brown (81838)Southern298
54Alec Beighley (81551)Southern284
55Brandon Wilson (81567)Ohio Valley265
55John Costello (80448F)Northeast2610
55David Collins (81791)Southern268
58Alexander Zuercher (80736)Mid-Atlantic2510
58Tyler Scaff (80892)Ohio Valley258
58Michael Hrncir (82097)Southwest253
61Jared Malone (82026)Southwest2313
61Noah Christian (81047F)Mid-Atlantic237
63Alexander McLennan (81376)Mid-Atlantic229
64Michael Cusack III (81553)Southwest216
64Jacob Rhodes (81146)Northeast218
64John-Paul Grenier (82012)Northeast216
64Colin Hauke (80854)Northeast213
68Ned Fenwick (81747)Mid-Atlantic197
69Alexandra Warble (81723)Ohio Valley184
69Kevin Ralph (81367)Mid-Atlantic183
69Colleen Cournoyer (80265)Northeast184
72JoElla Gearhard (80910)Ohio Valley162
73Timothy Frankhouser (81122)Ohio Valley154
73Erick Naegeli (80510)Northeast155
75Michael Listi (82029)Southwest142
76Bryce Melton (82154)Mid-Atlantic127
76Evan Johnson (81441F)Southern124
76Ian MacDonald (81700)Northeast124
76Alex Allendorph (82053)Northeast122
76Dray Campbell (80473)Ohio Valley124
81Austin Walker (81844)Southwest114
81William Ponder (80156)Southern113
81Kyle Grasty (82155)Mid-Atlantic111
81Ryan McEvoy (81550)Metro117
85Kevin McFadden (81279)Metro106
85Troy Rich (80718)Mid-Atlantic104
87Wes Barnes (82003F)Mid-Atlantic94
87Riley Lanier (81946)Southern96
87Duncan Hurst (81898)Northeast98
90James MacDougall (81786)Ohio Valley83
90Zachary Smith (80253)Southern83
90Jacob Lamont (80179)Northeast82
90Justin Bourne (82047)Northeast82
94Todd Moran (81277)Southwest62
94Christian Agle (82062)Ohio Valley62
94Erin Patrick (81264)Mid-Atlantic65
94Stacia Burns (80063)Northeast64
94Ryan Gilliland (81749)Northeast65
94Christopher Losee (81559)Northeast63
100Kyril Patrick Wolfe (81299)Northeast55
100Kurt Wichman (81249)Mid-Atlantic56
100Patrick Johnson (81444F)Southern51
103Jonathan Besett (82070)Northeast45
103Nicholas Pierson (80382)Southern46
103Andrew Giel (81421F)Ohio Valley42
103Ryan Gannon (82152)Northeast42
103Patrick Grady (82016)Metro46
108Joseph Condrey (81540)Mid-Atlantic37
108Cameron McIntosh (81410)Ohio Valley33
108Christian Markle (81871)Southern33
108Justin Arnwine (81994)Southern32
108Wyatt Brown (80386)Southern32
113Kacey Lloyd (82211)Southern21
113David Maynor (81842)Southwest22
113Matt Strunk (81995)Southern23
113Thomas Sargent (80870)Northeast22
113Margaret McMillin (80830)Southern23
113Claire Lewoczko (81703)Southwest23
119Jacob Songer (81387)Southern12
119Graham Donaldson (80195)Northeast11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Ryan Stephenson (80137)Mid-Atlantic757
2Kevin Eagan (81010)Northeast618
3Cameron Nixon (80043)Southern576
3Robert Honor (81795F)Metro5710
5Alec McGovern (81586)Northeast556
6Andrew White (80212)Metro547
7Connor Thompson (81611)Southern506
7Colin Wilson (80687)Northeast507
9Gabriel Nierman (80926)Southern496
10Andrew Chalfoun (80960)Mid-Atlantic456
11Tyler Tagliaferro (80511)Ohio Valley402
11Dallas Key (80373)Southern408
13Gregory Colpitts (80717)Northeast385
14Thomas Soergel (81941F)Ohio Valley353
15James Bailey (81556F)Southern338
16Gabriel Holodak (82085)Northeast324
16Madeleine Stewart (80148)Northeast323
18Liam Crouse (80995)Northeast294
18Henry Thompson (81716)Southern294
20Kyle Peters (81607)Southern285
21Dan Mancuso (81270)Northeast273
22Carlos Aguirre (80004)Mid-Atlantic263
23Christopher Spitalere (81243)Northeast256
23Jeremy Atkinson (80695)Southern255
23Mary Page Boyd (81560)Southern254
26Alexander Zuercher (80736)Mid-Atlantic235
27Christopher Monroe (80041)Northeast224
28Joshua Whitener (80974F)Southern213
28Jenny Rooney (81029)Metro216
28Jacob Rhodes (81146)Northeast214
31Michael Wall (80564)Northeast194
31Ned Fenwick (81747)Mid-Atlantic193
33Kevin Ralph (81367)Mid-Atlantic181
34Noah Christian (81047F)Mid-Atlantic173
34Robert Schafsteck (80024)Northeast173
34Tyrone Rock (81180)Northeast175
37David Daniel (81153)Southwest165
37JoElla Gearhard (80910)Ohio Valley161
39Marybeth Roberson (81869)Southern154
39Conor Fabrycki (81162F)Northeast154
41Charles Dunn (80936F)Ohio Valley144
41Brandon Wilson (81567)Ohio Valley142
43Eryk Bean (81767)Northeast134
43Alexander McLennan (81376)Mid-Atlantic134
43Erick Naegeli (80510)Northeast132
43Rory Cullen (81295)Metro133
43Eli Clemens (80285)Mid-Atlantic136
48Tyler Scaff (80892)Ohio Valley123
48Devin Abbott (80853)Northeast125
48Matthew Peterson (80013)Ohio Valley123
48Andrew Donlon (81847)Mid-Atlantic124
48Nicholas Petrogeorge (80404)Mid-Atlantic124
53Alec Beighley (81551)Southern112
53Gavin Stewart (81640)Southwest115
55David Collins (81791)Southern103
55Noah Rickolt (81655)Mid-Atlantic102
55Gillian Alice Brownlee (80743F)Southwest103
58Michael Hrncir (82097)Southwest91
59James MacDougall (81786)Ohio Valley81
59Jacob Lamont (80179)Northeast81
61John-Paul Grenier (82012)Northeast73
61Michael Listi (82029)Southwest71
61Kevin McFadden (81279)Metro73
61Ian MacDonald (81700)Northeast72
61Evan Holman (81465F)Southwest74
66Stacia Burns (80063)Northeast62
66Austin Walker (81844)Southwest62
66Michael Cusack III (81553)Southwest62
66Erin Patrick (81264)Mid-Atlantic62
70Sean McCarthy (80204F)Ohio Valley55
70Ryan McEvoy (81550)Metro53
70Jared Malone (82026)Southwest53
70Kurt Wichman (81249)Mid-Atlantic53
74Dray Campbell (80473)Ohio Valley42
74Bryce Melton (82154)Mid-Atlantic43
74Alexandra Warble (81723)Ohio Valley42
77Joseph Condrey (81540)Mid-Atlantic33
77Taylor Owens (81403F)Mid-Atlantic36
77Riley Lanier (81946)Southern33
80Ryan Gannon (82152)Northeast21
80Troy Rich (80718)Mid-Atlantic21
80Cameron Brown (81838)Southern23
80Patrick Grady (82016)Metro23
80John Costello (80448F)Northeast24
85Jacob Songer (81387)Southern11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Patrick Johnson (81444F)Southern64
2Nate Vargas (81263)Southwest51
3Alisha Toepperwein (81247)Southwest41
4Wyatt Brown (80386)Southern31

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Eric MacNeill (81972)Northeast277
2Alexander Douglas (80340F)Northeast145
3Scott Armitt (82207)Northeast93
4Wesley Cole (80651)Northeast78
5Derek Cooper (81373)Mid-Atlantic64
6Jason Hoffert (80230)Mid-Atlantic31

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1John McClamrock (80325F)Mid-Atlantic199
2William Pastor (81177)Metro136
2Jason Higgins (81138F)Southern1310
4David Cameron (81186)Southern1111
5Sean Heningham (80767F)Northeast86
6Matt Lewis (80646F)Mid-Atlantic75
7Brian S. Deimling (81976)Southern63
8Joseph O'Connor (80607)Ohio Valley43
9David McLaughlin (82007)Southern32
10John Guerry (81633)Southern24

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Mike Murphy (81860)Southern2818
2William R. Gehringer III (80833F)Metro196
3Justin Maitlen (80655)Southern1210
4Michael Schoppe (81799)Northeast97
4Kelsey French (82020)Southern95
6Dean Walker (81641)Northeast84
6Andrew Adams (80571)Northeast89
8Patrick Osborne (81579)Southern73
9Sam Johnson (81645)Mid-Atlantic41
10Patrick Mulgrew (81616)Southern22

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Nathan Chambers (80714)Northeast369
2Liam McGill (81273)Metro296
3Jameson Grout (80814F)Northeast266
4Finn McCool (80728)Northeast258
5Richard Clayburn (81252)Ohio Valley248
6Colin Dowd (80689)Northeast237
7Brendan Elmore (81238)Northeast195
8Conor Buckley (81276)Metro188
8John Whittaker (82082)Northeast185
10Josiah McGuire (80664)Southern165
10Micah Bailey (81557F)Southern1616
12Cameron Belley (82068)Unaffiliated153
13Casie Swiger (80044)Southern134
14Sterling Cave (80626F)Southern123
14Benjamin Podnar (80697)Ohio Valley126
16Christopher Aleman (81943)Southern117
16Leonard Ligon (80685)Southern119
18Joseph Wilson (80688)Northeast86
18Betsy A. McConnell (80845F)Mid-Atlantic85
20Brendan O'Reilly (81012)Northeast74
20Cameron Jetton (80539)Southern72
22Cameron MacLeod (81724)Mid-Atlantic23

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Josiah McGuire (80664)Southern266
2Timothy Thompson (81589)Southern216
3Jason Stanley (81947)Southern144
4Ashley Snead (80893)Southern123
4Charles Hutchind (81643)Mid-Atlantic124
4Jonathon Hamilton (81957)Southern122
7Sean Patrick Regan (80121F)Ohio Valley115
8Carter Neely (82019)Southern92
9Emily Mellgren (80021)Mid-Atlantic77
10Ian Ince (81945)Southern62
10Jeremy McLaughlin (81875)Southern66
10Daniel Evans (82181)Mid-Atlantic62
10Donna Sammander (81354)Southern64
14Andrew J Douglas (81558)Ohio Valley54
14David Green (82088)Northeast53
16Seth Ribitzki (80469)Southwest43
17Margaret Burke (81872)Northeast34
18Bill Kettle (82150)Northeast21
18Mark Freudenberg (82094)Ohio Valley21
18Alan Collier, Jr (81892)Southern25
21John A. Kavanaugh (82170)Metro11
21Ben Duran (82032)Southwest11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Quinn McCormack (80608)Northeast5910
2Daniel Pisowloski (80733)Northeast398
3Sophia McConnell (80848F)Mid-Atlantic388
4Aaron Bailie (80413F)Ohio Valley366
4Joseph Zappa (81140F)Southern368
6Montana Cameron (81187)Southern348
7Benjamin Heidrich (80014)Southern265
7Lex Russell (81313)Southern267
9Peter Lowrie (81455)Ohio Valley232
9Zachary Talotta (80460)Northeast235
11Peter Regan (80120F)Ohio Valley205
12Drew Donnelly (81707)Ohio Valley192
13Sean Ball (81040)Northeast185
14Heather Gilbert (81867)Northeast154
15Chuck Sloan (82091)Metro142
16Hayden LaBelle (82090)Other134
17Philip Smith (81599F)Ohio Valley112
18Jackson Kovalchik (81333)Northeast93
19Ian Boyce (81478)Northeast82
19Charles Soergel (81935F)Ohio Valley82
19Frankie Boehm (81850F)Southwest84
22Will Boehm (81852F)Southwest72
22Nader Girgawy (82030)Southwest71
22Nyssa Cave (80625F)Southern72
22Ian Bishop (81846)Northeast71
26Kevin Yang (82021)Southwest61
26John V. Rose, Jr (81987)Southern68
26Robert Monroe (80482)Southern68
26Brian Sayer (82190)Southern61
26Linnea McMath (81658)Northeast65
31Campbell Johnson (81442F)Southern51
31Mitch Lagrasta (82031)Southwest51
31Chris Laferriere (81773)Northeast51
31Daniel Parsons (81725)Northeast54
31Brian Holman (81463F)Southwest53
36Dannie Vaughn (81712)Southwest42
37Elaina Moorehead (80749F)Ohio Valley32
37Matthew Kent (80788)Southern31
37Shawn Hall (82163)Northeast32
37Andrew Listi (82028)Southwest31
37Caitlin Wiggington (81878)Mid-Atlantic33
42Garrett Mitchell (80922F)Northeast22
42Lindsay McTague (81789)Northeast24
42Jacob Egen (81726)Southern21
42Andrew J. Moore (82189)Mid-Atlantic21
42Patrick Chase (81290)Mid-Atlantic21
42Mike Heins (80804)Northeast21
48Elizabeth Belmont (82194)Metro11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Nicholas Honor (81794F)Metro57
2Alexander Ricci (82054)Mid-Atlantic42
3Shane Fagan (80620F)Northeast22
4Alicia Diamond (81901)Ohio Valley11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Kenneth Hiner (80741)Southern54
2Laura Anne Doll (80999)Ohio Valley23
3Linda M. Hall (80114F)Mid-Atlantic11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Sabrina Sikes (81761)Southern3811
2Montana Cameron (81187)Southern127
3Alex Dunbar (81148)Southern114
4Catherine E. Hanks (81303F)Northeast102
5Deborah Ingraham (80640F)Southern97
6Liam McGill (81273)Metro72
6Allison Recknagel (80037)Southern73
8Andrew Nisbet (82175)Northeast41
8Christopher Honor (81793F)Metro43
10Dawn Meade (82176)Mid-Atlantic34
10Jamie A. Boulais (80594)Northeast31
12Danielle Weeks (82110)Other21
12April Carmichael (82173)Northeast21
12Amaryllis Boger (82106)Southern21
15Christy McAlister (82109)Other11
15Sherry Gardner (80654)Mid-Atlantic13
15Elaine Hoffman (80801)Ohio Valley11

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Angela Wilson (82108)Southern168
2Jensen McConnell (80846F)Mid-Atlantic156
3Jean Goodwin (81710)Mid-Atlantic41
3Linda Zdepski (80934)Mid-Atlantic41
3Martina Murphy (81156)Mid-Atlantic43
6Bryan McCarthy (80201F)Ohio Valley32
7Shannon Hall (81746)Mid-Atlantic22
7Crystal Gansell-Whitcomb (81905)Mid-Atlantic21
7Christopher LeFave (81562)Northeast21
7Michael Leigh (81912)Mid-Atlantic21
7Casey Steblein (80637F)Southwest21

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Christina Hanks (81304F)Northeast73
2Brennan Heningham (80764F)Northeast21

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1C. Reid Franks (80303)Southern259
2Sabrina Sikes (81761)Southern206
3Kenneth Hiner (80741)Southern195
4Warren Hinson (80541)Southern179
5Arielle Lancaster (82111)Southern133
6Beverly Huber (82048)Southern72
7Wiley M. Spears (80123)Mid-Atlantic64
8Morgan Burris (82107)Southern52
9Alex Dunbar (81148)Southern44
9David Corbett (81031)Southwest41
11Andrew Adams (80571)Northeast31
11Robert Caudill (80587)Ohio Valley32
13Anita Lowman (82178)Ohio Valley21

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Terence McGovern (80443)Northeast83
2Dennis W. Ducsik (81072)Northeast53
3Eric MacNeill (81972)Northeast31
3Charles Kaba (80784)Metro35

RankName (Association ID)BranchTotal
1Daniel Pisowloski (80733)Northeast508
2Jason Matteson (81953)Northeast426
3David Paige (80577)Northeast317
4Edward Brett (82055)Metro307
5Nicholas Lundberg (81063)Northeast214
6Jay Kelly (80029)Northeast164
7David Madock (81751)Mid-Atlantic84
8Patrick Cunningham (82213)Mid-Atlantic51
9Bruce Harkness (81483)Northeast46
10Robert Labreche (82158)Unaffiliated31
10Norman K. Jones (81471)Northeast33
12Patrick Dowd (80690)Northeast23
12William Armstrong (82177)Ohio Valley21

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