1999  EUSPBA Final Season Championship Standings

Final Results - tabulated by Al McMullin

All sanctioned contest results for the 1999 Season are included.

Points are awarded to the top four finishers in any tabulated contest equal to the number of competitors defeated, plus one. For example, if there are ten players in a contest, the 1st Place winner gets 10 points, 2nd Place gets 9 points, 3rd Place gets 8 points, and 4th Place gets 7 points.

If there are four or fewer competitors in an event, no points are awarded for Last Place, except when there is only one competitor. In that case, that person does receive one point.

In the Amateur Grade One and Open piping contests, if the MSR is played as one event, the points are doubled.

Pipe Bands

Grade 2
Tulach Ard 20 points
Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band 16 points
Oran Mor Pipe Band 13 points
City of Washington Pipe Band 9 points
Schenectady Pipe Band 8 points

Grade 3
Delmar & District Pipe Band 28 points
County Monaghan Pipe Band
St. Columcille United Gaelic Pipe Band 12 points
Grandfather Mountain Highlanders 11 points
Carnegie Mellon University Pipe Band 9 points

Grade 4
Manchester Pipe Band 58 points
Tara Hall Pipe Band 39 points
Bergen Irish Pipe Band 35 points
Schenectady Pipe Band 28 points
Rhode Island Highlanders 27 points
Inis Fada 25 points
Sean McGonigal Memorial 21 points
Louisville & Nashville 16 points
Loch Norman 15 points
North Carolina State 13 points

Grade 5
Manchester Pipe Band 82 points
Mohawk Valley Frasers Pipe Band 58 points
NYPD Emer. Society P&D 55 points
St. Brendan the Navigator Pipe Band 38 points
Matt Close Memorial Pipe Band 36 points
Eastern Long Island Police
Rory O'Moore 31 points
Inis Fada 29 points
St. Columcille School of Piping 26 points
P&D of the Atlantic Watch 25 points

Solo Piping

Alasdair Gillies
Michael Rogers 92 points
Duncan Bell 87 points
Kenneth J. McKeveny 74 points
William S. Caudill 72 points
Scott McLeod 69 points
Michael Green 61 points
Chris Hamilton 53 points

Amateur Grade 1
Heather M. Scott 147 points
Sarah E. Ford 139 points
Andrew Douglas 118 points
Maureen E. Connor 115 points
Brian May 90 points
Patrick Regan 80 points
Bill Weir 67 points
E. J. Jones 63 points
Tristan Wilson 55 points
Andrew Hayes 54 points

Amateur Grade 2
Steven W. Knox 105 points
John Graham Sprague 101 points
Mark Elliott 82 points
Andrew King 73 points
Matthew W. Malloch
Sean McGonigal 72 points
Joe Simpson 63 points
John Duff
Chris Lorince 39 points
Craig Snethen 33 points

Amateur Grade 3
Derek R. Midgley 311 points
Laura J. Neville 212 points
John P. Mellor 184 points
Donal E. Morrissey
Stephen Kane 169 points
John Thomas Hahn 167 points
Whitney Kalmbach 147 points
Justin Gonzalez 144 points
Noah Rachels 114 points
James Dickerson 108 points

Amateur Grade 4 Senior
William C. Cotter 210 points
Beverly Evvard 190 points
Julianne Brown
Michael Miller 190 points
Benjamin W. Bolger 136 points
Scott Langley 117 points
Duane Mills 111 points
Terry Corrigan 108 points
Joshua Rihn 99 points
Daniel Waters 92 points

Amateur Grade 4 Junior
Matthew C. McArthur 199 points
Ian D. Dixon 148 points
Jedidiah Otto 124 points
Heather E. Minter 86 points
Sean Alexander Gearhart 76 points
William MacMorran 71 points
Deke Showman 63 points
Lauren McMillan 59 points
James Costello 58 points

Practice Chanter
Brian Grant 23 points
Malcom E. Williams 22 points
Andrew Thaler 20 points
Caerleigh Sanner
Joseph A. Sprowl 12 points
Alexander Aird
Yang Wei Dai
Walon Sprowl 11 points
Rocky Clinton
Jennifer Ewing
Tony Gibbs
Robert Kaplan 10 points

Solo Drumming

Open Snare
Scott M. Armit 12 points
Harvey Dawson
Vivian J. Stapleton 10 points
John R. Nisbet 8 points
Sean Morton 6 points

Amateur 1 Snare
Daniel A. Kenyon 12 points
Scott R. Fletcher
Alexander G. Kuldell 4 points
John Henry 3 points

Amateur 2 Snare
Chip Barclay 6 points
Robert W. Galbraith 5 points
Sean Lawry
Jesse Immanuel Mell 4 points

Amateur 3 Snare
Douglas Brown 24 points
Alexander Douglas 22 points
Benjamin Elkins
Eric MacNeill
Rick McKenzie 17 points
Dan Taggart, Jr. 13 points
Anthony Leatham
Daniel McCarthy 12 points

John Murray Juvenile Snare
Nathaniel Widelitz 13 points
John Paul Kavanaugh
Michael O'Rourke 9 points
Thomas McGuire 8 points
Ruan K. McNutt 5 points
Robert Epstein 4 points

Open Bass
Robin Nelson 6 points
Stewart Hogg
Jenny Sanford
John Thompson 2 points

Amateur Bass
Angela Young 6 points
John Hahn 5 points
Francis Dane
Leslie Sneddon 4 points

Open Tenor
Samuel F. Dean
Jenny Sanford 4 points
Matt Hamilton
Gavin Lindsay 3 points

Amateur 1 Tenor
Allison Butts 12 points
Cindy Crowder 8 points
Dottie Whitehead 5 points
John Hahn
Samantha Schmid 4 points

Amateur 2 Tenor
Stacy Yongue 15 points
Tracy Campbell 11 points
Laura Anne Doll
Jennifer Gillen 7 points
Freddie Neil Brown
Kelly O'Connor
Lori Vallotton 6 points

Open Drum Major
Eric MacNeill 13 points
Dennis W. Ducsik 9 points
Daniel Robkeleych 5 points
Dan Davis 4 points

Amateur Drum Major
Everett M. Armour 27 points
Alex Daniels 15 points
Douglas R. Ewen 10 points
Chad E. Benson 8 points
Richard H. Hunter
David S. Thaler 6 points